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About the Artist

Holly Chisholm is the artist of Just Peachy Comics, and is currently living in Phoenix, AZ with her boyfriend Matt, a puppy named Bubbles, a hairless cat named Cosmo, and a cranky cockatiel named Larry.

I was diagnosed with depression and ADHD in December of 2016. My therapist suggested I try journaling. I hate journaling.

I have been drawing since I was a child, but had fallen out of the habit. This comic was my compromise between drawing an journaling; it helped me record how I was feeling at the time and work through some of the darkness. 

At first it was scary to put my deepest thoughts and fears out in the open, but the responses and messages of support from people made me realize how much it was needed to talk about mental health. 


In 2019 I decided to give up alcohol for good, and have begun also talking about alcohol addiction and sobriety.

I have so far had one book of my works published and am hoping to release more! 

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